Data Viewing

This page describes methods to view the Optical Links database. This is a MySQL database that is up-to-date with raw test data, as well as status information for the various parts used in the project.

NetQuery Database Browser

NetQuery is a general-purpose database browsing tool written in Java that helps you build SQL queries to get data from the database. The data is displayed in a spreadsheet table, and the program can also make plots. NetQuery should run on any system that has the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.4 or higher. Check here for the JRE.

NetQuery comes in two packages with startup scripts for the different operating systems. Alternatively, double-clicking on the NetQuery.jar file will start the program in most windowing operating systems.

Configured for DataLinks DB

Configured for ControlLinks DB

Using other tools

Much software exists to connect and query MySQL databases, for instance, Microsoft Excel. If you need to access the database, send a mail requesting login information.

TODO: Information on how to do a simple query with excel.

TODO: Information on querying with the MySQL command line agent.