CMS ECAL Optical Links

This site contains information on the CMS ECAL Optical Links, which include the Optical Data Links and the Optical Control Links.

Minnesota group at CERN:

A. Singovski, A. Dolgopolov, A. Inyakin, D. Bailleux, G. Franzoni


Website News


Pictures inside Fanout/Ribbon part: reparation of EE HCAL ribbon at Cessy



Added Short fanout, Long ribbon and Multi-ribbon cable items to menu.



Some reworking of the website. Better menu, more Netscape-friendly, and more content added. Also, there are links to the NetQuery database browing tool for the OpticalLinks database.



10 GOH underwent radiation testing on Feb 27 and 28, eye diagrams were taken of the GOH and the data is now available here.



This website is born, and work is being done to populate it with the information the project has so far.